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Master and Diploma Thesis

Write your thesis in a setting of quality, progress and innovation!

Our mission: The improvement of system and software quality.

Our core areas: We are a team of highly qualified software development experts, specialized on quality in software development, process improvement and system and software tests.

Our projects: Varying tasks with a lot of contact to top customers like Porsche Informatik, Raiffeisen, Flughafen Wien etc.

What is your mission? 


We currently do not offer english master or diploma theses. Nevertheless you are very welcome to browse our theses in German!


Themen für studentische Arbeiten




Automatisiertes Testen





Open Source


Every year, two to four topics will be allocated out of this list of issues.

If you are interested please contact us early in order to have a shot at a paid diploma or master thesis.

We don't place value on where you study - whether it's Austria, Liechtenstein, East Switzerland, South Tyrol or South Germany. We would be fond of working with you!