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ISO 29990

The Quality Lab Academy software is also certified according to the ISO 29990 standard.

Software Quality Lab's Academy program offers over 70 training courses in software development. Certification to ISO 29990 confirms that Software Quality Lab's range of courses meets high international quality standards.

The standard ISO 29990 is specifically aimed at service providers in education and training. It defines a service standard and a quality management system to develop, plan, carry out and evaluate educational offerings. The quality of educational providers and their services should thereby become more transparent and internationally comparable.

ISO 29990 covers two areas. The first part refers to the learning service itself. It checks whether the contents and learning methods are aligned with the expectations and needs of the target group, the learning process is supported with suitable materials and the transfer of the learned into practice is promoted. The second part includes the management of the learning service provider. The focus is here e.g. on the improvement of the processes as well as the competence of the trainers and coworkers.

Regular internal and external audits ensure that the criteria of the standard are met.

The conformity of the Quality Lab Academy software with the standards has been tested and confirmed by TÜV AUSTRIA.