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Tool Evaluation

Based on a process that has proved itself many times, we can help you to find the right tool. Impartially, transparently and efficiently. Click here for more information.

Market Overview

If you do not have any experience with tools yet, we can give you an overview of the current state of the art. Thereby we will show you a variety of concepts, ideas and trends.

Tool Workshops

You have already chosen a tool, but you are still unsure about some points? We offer tool workshops in which we can deal with your individual problem issues.

Online Consulting

Consulting is also available online. Absolutely uncomplicated and prompt. A tool consultant is at your disposal. And live demos are also possible.

Backing at Manufacturer Presentations

You are having a tool manufacturer’s presentation or proof of concept at your premises? Invite one of our tool consultants to join you. He knows what is really important and asks the right questions.

"One has already to have learned many things before knowing how to ask about what one doesn’t know" (Jean-Jacques Rousseau)

"Man muss viel gelernt haben um über das, was man nicht weiß, fragen zu können"

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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