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Tool Evaluation

Our Process

Based on a procedure model that has proved itself countless times, you will find the right tool. After the requirement review we will make a pre-selection. When you visit the TEC we will show you the tools. Our evaluation catalogue provides the foundation for an objective and traceable decision.

We proceed as follows in the tool evaluation:

The process in detail

Defining targets
A tool increases the efficiency of process activities. That means that it cannot be the solution for a deeper underlying problem. We help you to identify this at an early stage. The formulation of targets is the basis for this.

Determining requirements
Once the targets have been defined, we determine the requirements. In talks with various stakeholders we familiarise ourselves with your individual situation, your current tool landscape and your specific requirements.

Based on your requirements our specialists make a pre-selection. We select the 3-5 most suitable tools from the multitude of tools available on the market. These selected tools are evaluated by us on the basis of the requirements and the data are processed.

Visit to the TEC
A delegation of stakeholders from your company visits us in the Tool Evaluation Center. We present the pre-selected tools to you and discuss your requirements and questions.

This visit usually lasts one day. That is enough to get an impression of whether a tool is good for you, and to make a decision. Optionally, you can also work with the tools yourself for several days. Thereby our specialists will assist you with advice.

You now have enough data to make a decision:

  • Objective evaluation: In the pre-selection we created an evaluation catalogue for you and evaluated the pre-selected tools with regard to fulfilment of your requirements.
  • Subjective evaluation: On your visit to the TEC you will have the opportunity to record your subjective impressions. We process this information and compare it with the objective evaluation.
  • Analysis of strengths/weaknesses

All data are documented and processed for the respective target group. The following figures show excerpts from the evaluation sheets that we use for the objective and subjective evaluation.

Finding alternatives
We can already tell you at an early stage whether there is a tool for your requirements. This saves you time and costs. Often it is better to deal with the deeper underlying problems first and to improve the processes. In-house developments or continued use of the tool used so far are not excluded as options, either.

What next?

The first weeks and months after the introduction of a new tool present a number of challenges: Employees have to be trained and existing systems must be integrated. It is important to have a specialist who can solve problems quickly, motivate other people and transfer his knowledge to your employees on hand right from the start.

We also help you after the tool selection. Whether pilot project or implementation of an integration, we have the right experts for you.

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