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Your benefits

  • Expertise on many tools over the entire lifecycle of software development
    Such as application lifecycle tools, requirements management, test management, test automation, embedded testing, unit testing, mobile testing, load and performance testing, application performance monitoring, and static code analysis tools
  • Established tool evaluation and implementation process
    Tool evaluation and implementation is our daily business. There are proven and efficient processes, methods and checklists
  • Wide selection of pre-installed tools
    Over 50 different current tools ready for evaluation in our Tool Evaluation Center (TEC)
  • Comprehensive know-how about software development processes
    Our experts have many years of experience in software development as well as in the tool context

Tool process and tool services

Software Quality Lab supports you specifically in the following tool topics:

  • Requirements analysis
    - Predefined checklists
    - Processes
    - Functional and non-functional
    - Licensing and advising
  • Tool/plug-in selection and procurement
    - Preselection
    - Benefit analysis
    - Proof of Concept
    - Decision-making and procurement
  • Detailed analysis
    - Conditions
    - Workflows
    - Interfaces
    - Based on the selected tool / plug-in
  • Tool adjustment
    - GUI configuration
    - Reporting
    - Workflow settings
    - Interface adaptation
  • Integration
    - Data exchange between tools
    - Overlapping workflows
    - Process automation via the LifeCycle
  • Installation
    - Prepare runtime environment
    - Tool installation
    - Integration into the existing environment
    - Probelauf for real operation
  • Training
    - Planning trainings
    - Individual elaboration
    - Communication concept
    - Adapted to tools / workflows
  • Go-Live & Roll-Out
    - Implementation plan and pilot group
    - Adaptation of procedures and tools
    - Extending to all users
    - Documentation
  • Managed services
    - Operating support
    - Preventive maintenance & updates
    - Monitoring & Reporting
    - Professional tool management

Further support in the following topics

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