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Tool partnerships

Software Quality Lab is the leading specialist for tools in the development process!

We have many years of extensive expertise in the evaluation, adaptation, integration, training, application, maintenance and managed service of various tools in the development process.

Tool partnerships

We are not a typical software vendor, but offer complete solutions for the tool introduction and operation from one source.

Software Quality Lab integrates and automates your development processes with the right tools.


We have partnerships with the following companies:

Atlassian's advanced software solutions help each team achieve their full potential.
The tools are used by software developers, project managers and knowledge and content management throughout the company.

Software Quality Lab is a certified Atlassian solution partner to help you install, configure, license, train, maintain, and operate your Atlassian products and plug-ins / add-ons as well as create custom plug-ins / add-ons and special solutions. You can also purchase all Atlassian licenses and licenses for PlugIn's / AdOn's via Software Quality Lab.

Further information on the Atlassian partnership

CQSE supports companies to evaluate, control and improve their software quality with innovativ consulting and products.

CQSE GmbH employs renowned specialists in the field of static and dynamic code analysis and integrates their know-how into their Teamscale product. The tool helps teams analyze and optimize the quality of their software by providing fast, relevant feedback on their work.

Software Quality Lab is a CQSE partner and supports you in all projects regarding code, architecture and test analysis with CQSE products, as well as in the installation, configuration, license management, training and maintenance of your CQSE products. You can also buy all CQSE licenses through Software Quality Lab.

Contact us with any questions about CQSE!

Hello2morrow improves software quality sustainably by providing tools and services.

Hello2morrow's products use static analysis to detect technical debt by checking for violations of architecture and programming rules. The main product of Hello2morrow is Sonargraph. Sonargraph is a powerful static code analyzer that monitors a software system for technical quality and makes sure that rules for software architecture, metrics and other aspects throughout the development process are followed.

Software Quality Lab is a Hello2morrow partner and supports you in all code and architecture analysis, as well as software metric projects with Hello2morrow products (such as Sonargraph) and also with the installation, configuration, license management, training and maintenance of your Hello2morrow products. You can also buy all Hello2morrow licenses through Software Quality Lab. 

Contact us with any questions about Hello2morrow! 

Magna is a global technology and mobility company. The associated group Magna Steyr, one of the world's leading, brand-independent engineering and manufacturing partners for automobile manufacturers, offers with Telemotive Software Solutions holistic software solutions and associated services, in particular test automation of control units and extended reality solutions for industry 4.0 applications.


Magna's Telemotive Test Automation (TTA) is a test automation tool. It is an open and easy-to-use software framework. This makes it possible to create test cases quickly and flexibly.

Products are becoming more and more complex, standards and regulations have to be observed and various hardware and software platforms have to be integrated. It is therefore all the more important to develop the right software in order to achieve optimal customer satisfaction.

TTA is easy to learn and accelerates development cycles. This leaves you and your team free to do what really matters - to develop great products for your customers.

Software Quality Lab is a partner of Magna Telemotive.

Ranorex's innovative software testing solutions helps teams of all sizes, skills and methods to achieve their test automation goals.

Ranorex's innovative test automation solutions helps more than 10.000 users worldwide to ensure the highest quality of desktop, web and mobile applications. Ranorex Studio, the main product, is all-purpose and can be used regardless of team size, programming skills and test environment. The wide range of automation tools as well as the support of all technologies guarantee a fast ROI and make Ranorex Studio a suitable test automation software for every company size.

Software Quality Lab is a Ranorex partner and supports you in all test and test automation projects with Ranorex products as well as with the installation, configuration, license management and training of your Ranorex products. You can also purchase all Ranorex licenses through Software Quality Lab.

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