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Jama Software is a platform for all strategic and operational aspects of the product life cycle. With Jama Software you and your team can focus on what really matters, developing great products for your customers.

Overview of Jama products

Jama Connect™

Analyze and transform your product development process from idea to release. Jama Connect™ collects real-time decisions and feedback, identifies key stakeholders, ensuring that you always develop the product that you and your customers really want.


Jama Analyze™

Transparency in product development for you and your teams - across the entire portfolio. Jama Analyze™ collects data from the product development process generated by Jama Connect™, Jira Software or repositories such as Bitbucket.
This data is well-arranged for your project and product managers in order to obtain an optimal basis for decision-making for more efficiency and product success.

Software Quality Lab is your Jama Software partner

We are a Jama partner and your contact when it comes to purchasing, implementing, integrating, adapting and implementing projects with Jama Software.

We provide solutions, not just licenses!

Johannes Bergsmann


Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter
Berater & Trainer, Sachverständiger und Ziviltechniker für Informatik

Ansprechpartner für Kundenanfragen und Kundenbetreuung, Partnerschaften und Forschungsanfragen
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Tool process and tool services

Software Quality Lab supports you specifically in the following tool topics:

  • Requirements analysis
    - Predefined checklists
    - Processes
    - Functional and non-functional
    - Licensing and advising
  • Tool/plug-in selection and procurement
    - Preselection
    - Benefit analysis
    - Proof of Concept
    - Decision-making and procurement
  • Detailed analysis
    - Conditions
    - Workflows
    - Interfaces
    - Based on the selected tool / plug-in
  • Tool adjustment
    - GUI configuration
    - Reporting
    - Workflow settings
    - Interface adaptation
  • Integration
    - Data exchange between tools
    - Overlapping workflows
    - Process automation via the LifeCycle
  • Installation
    - Prepare runtime environment
    - Tool installation
    - Integration into the existing environment
    - Probelauf for real operation
  • Training
    - Planning trainings
    - Individual elaboration
    - Communication concept
    - Adapted to tools / workflows
  • Go-Live & Roll-Out
    - Implementation plan and pilot group
    - Adaptation of procedures and tools
    - Extending to all users
    - Documentation
  • Managed services
    - Operating support
    - Preventive maintenance & updates
    - Monitoring & Reporting
    - Professional tool management

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