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Management & organisation

We support you at accomplishing your management tasks!

We coach you and give you feedback and safety with various topics. Some of those are improvement in efficiency of your development organization, avoiding negligence as a manager, compliance requirements and many more.

As a manager you are confronted with complex organization tasks and oftentimes clients demand the highest quality in the shortest possible time. Also owners expect high returns and employees want a good work-life-balance and a pleasant working environment.

You have to coordinate it all and establish and develop the organization and your field as efficiently and sustainable as possible. At the company itself you possibly do not have a suitable partner to discuss and develop your ideas.

Our consultants have the necessary intuition, empathy and expertise in their field to help you master these challenges with their years of experience in managing organizations and companies.

Target group

  • Management of software companies
  • Executives of software organizations
  • Managers of large teams and groups of people

We support you in the management of your organization in the following areas:

Subject areas

As a manager you are confronted with various compliance requirements, norms, standards and so on that have to be observed. In your responsibility as a manager, you have to ensure that these rules and the state of technology are followed. Failure to do so may result in a lawsuit on the part of the owner, customer or other plaintiff because of your negligence.

Oftentimes it is not easy to find balance between compliance with the regulations and between an efficient and attractive development organization for the employees.

We help you to find the right path!

  1. With compliance checks and analyses regarding the state of technology, we show you gaps that you should close to avoid negligence.
  2. We suggest appropriate and pragmatic measures to fill the gaps.
  3. We help you to implement the measures aand monitor this process.
  4. We test the implementation of the measures to be effective.
  5. With regular further checks, we ensure that the reached level is maintained.

A strategy defines the frame for the organization.
We support you in the holistic definition of your strategy, in deriving strategic goals and projects, and in setting up a roadmap for their implementation.

We are your coaching partner who knows the challenges of system and software development. You will receive feedback on your ideas, strategies and solutions and we will develop them with you. We are at your disposal as a discussion and sparring partner for all questions. We organize workshops and coaching appointments with you personally or together with the team, depending on your topics and problems. We bring in our experience, give feedback and help you to find the best solution. Afterwards, we accompany and coach you on your request also with the process of implementation.

Well-organized and coordinated teams and processes are a key factor for efficiency in software development. We support you in team building, roll definition, process elaboration and optimization of the management structure of your organization.

Are you currently in a crisis situation or is there a critical situation? It is often difficult to find a way out. In this situation, we give you backing in your decisions, reflect the situation with you and look for appropriate ways out of the crisis. There are always astonishing ways out of crisis situations, which often do not come to mind to a person concerned. We come to you without prejudice and through our outsider view we have alternative approaches and solutions that can help you.

Conflict situations - whether with customers, suppliers, partners, owners, colleagues or employees - are usually unpleasant and cause high friction losses both personally and in the organization. In internal conflicts we help you as a neutral mediator to find a position in which all parties can save their face but still find a suitable and acceptable solution to the conflict. In the case of external conflicts, oftentimes a course to the court is planned or already carried out. Here we will help you as an expert with an objective analysis and presentation of the facts according to the guidelines of the generally sworn and court certified experts. These reports are a very valuable support for your lawyers and can, above all, make it possible to make a realistic assessment of whether the court appears to be wise or if your chances are rather bad.

Good, professional process documentation helps with the transfer of knowledge, the training of new employees and the improvement of your processes. We help you to establish the process documentation in a structured and sustainable manner, and coach your employees to continue this documentation on their own.

"A plan is worthless if you do not know where you stand," said Kofuzius. Before starting with improving the organisation, you should therefore determine where you stand. Because of our broad customer base in the field of system and software development, we can also create a comparison with other similarly structured organisations. You will get a rating of your organisation compared to others, where you are better and where you need to catch up. We also recommend a number of measures that are useful from our point of view, as well as helping you to create a suitable roadmap for their implementation.

Quality management (QM) can be described as the organisational measures that serve to improve the process quality, the services and products of the organisation. The aim here is not to make quality at any price, but to find a quality level that is appropriate to the organisation and that meets the requirements of the stakeholders. We help you to set up and organize the QM appropriately in order to enable efficient and effective organisational development. Often, the QM is not explicitly defined or just an unwelcome appendix in the organization. In this case we create awareness in the organisation how QM should be positioned and structured in order to achieve the greatest possible benefit for the organisation. Ideally, quality does not cost anything! The errors, which arise without QM, cost something.

"Risk management is project management for adults," says Tom DeMarco. The same also applies to the organisation level. Organisations that never carry out risk analyzes or carry them out half-heartedly and orient their actions on them often do not operate, but react when it is already too late. With you, we define a suitable risk management strategy and give you concrete simple methods to implement risk management efficiently.

Research and analysis

Are you facing unresolved issues in this area?
Do you have too little workforce or time to analyze and resolve an urgent topic?

Software Quality Lab helps you with research and analysis in this topic.

More information about research and analysis

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