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Processes & proceeding

Optimize your development processes with us!

Our consultants help you optimise your development process. We analyse your current challenges and suggest appropriate measures for optimisation and, by request, also accompany you during implementation.

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Together with your experts, we assess strengths and potentials and choose the right approach. We are guided by the "state of the art" of the engineering methods, the possibilities and the environment of your development organisation and pay attention to the efficiency of the proposed measures. We advise you on the adaptation of existing concepts and accompany you in the implementation.

Depending on the available budget and the desired level of optimisation, we offer various suitable service packages:

Basic package:

  • Quick overview analysis
    After short interviews, we develop goals for improvements and criteria for the target achievement in a workshop. Together, we define necessary measures and develop a roadmap for implementation.
  • Carry out a thematic or comprehensive potential analysis
    In interviews, we analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your development processes and provide suggestions for improvement. In a workshop, we cluster these into projects and create a possible roadmap for implementation.

Supplementary packages:

  • Individual workshops and coaching to improve the development process
    We organise workshops on your topics and problems. We bring in our experience, give feedback and help you to find the best solution. Afterwards, we accompany and coach you with the implementation.
  • Workshops on industry-sector-specific standards and norms
    You will get an overview of the norm and we will support you in evaluating your organisation and processes with regard to the relevant standards (ISO 9001, CMMI, SPICE, etc.) and assess what you have to do for the certification.
  • Creation of customised guidelines, templates and checklists
    Templates and checklists increase efficiency and ensure quality. We support you with practical examples and our experience when creating checklists and templates that are perfectly adapted to your processes.

Sustainability packages:

  • ESTD program
    In 4 stages (recognition, starting, doing, dabbing) improvement potentials are identified, measures are developed and clustered, implemented and sustainably positioned. Our experts will guide and coach you directly in the process.
  • Setting up metrics to measure the processes
    Software engineering means to control the development professionally and fact-based.
    We support you in planning, building up the necessary metric system and positioning it in the daily work and processes involved.
  • Lessons learned, retrospectives and improvement
    We support you in planning, developing and implementing an appropriate CAPA approach (Corrective Actions and Preventive Actions) in everyday work.

Quality starts in the head - with trainings from Software Quality Lab

We offer seminars and trainings on this topic in the Software Quality Lab Academy

  Tool Expertise
  for Software-Life-Cycle tools!

Tool Expertise services

Finding and implementing the right tools for the particular processes and chosen procedures is not easy.

We help you with various services in the tool environment:

  • Tool evaluation by Software Quality Lab'sTEC (Tool Evaluation Center)
  • Procurementof Application Life Cycle Tools
  • Installation and basic configuration
  • Adaptations of the tools (workflows, user interface)
  • Integrate the tools with other existing tools
  • Training the users to use the tools optimally
  • Managed servicesto ensure smooth operation and maintenance of the tools


Further information in the Tool Expertise area

Research and analysis

Are you facing unresolved issues in this area?
Do you have too little workforce or time to analyze and resolve an urgent topic?

Software Quality Lab helps you with research and analysis in this topic.

More information about research and analysis

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