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Standards & compliance

Failure to comply with Standard & Compliance may lead to personal liability!

The issue of standards, compliance and governance is becoming more and more important and in this context the various best practice models and international standards for processes and quality standards.

Companies are faced with the challenge of implementing such models. This usually goes far beyond the core competences of typical development companies or departments and often makes management and employees face difficult tasks.

We know the relevant standards for software development and also industry-specific standards and help you to avoid liability cases!

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While software developers and companies often know the latest technologies and methods, they often lack knowledge about the legal requirements under which software development must be run. In the case of damages caused to a customer by errors in the software (for example, financial damage) this can quickly lead to liability. Especially when people are also endangered (safety relevant).

Customers are becoming increasingly critical and the legal disputes regarding SW errors are increasing. As a result, the validation of systems and software and compliance with the applicable standards are now no longer required only in the personal and safety-critical environment.

Software Quality Lab supports you with certified experts and practical experience:

  • Quick-check of your compliance to the relevant software and industry standards
  • Workshops on best practice models and standards
  • Detailed verification of compliance with applicable standards
  • Consulting, monitoring and implementation of validation projects
  • Expert opinion or conflict resolution in disputes
  • Coaching, audit or internal assessment for e.g.
    - Agile development (e.g. Scrum, Kanban)
    - IREB
    - ISTQB
    - ISAQB
    - ISO 9001 (for development organizations)
    - ISO 13485
    - EN 14971
    - ISO 21500
    - ISO 25000
    - ISO 29119
    - IEC 61508 (Safety)
    - ISO 50128
    - ISO 60601
    - ISO 62304
    - ISO 62366
    - ISO 82304
    - ISO 15504/33000 (SPICE)
    - EN 62061
    - EN 60880
    - EN 80000
    - ISO 9241
    - Automotive SPICE & SPICE for Systems
    - COBIT
    - CMMI®
    - GAMP
    e.g. for the preparation of certifications, compliance examinations or testings of software organisations 
  • Certification of software according to recognized standards

    Quality starts in the head - with trainings from Software Quality Lab

    We offer the following seminars and trainings on this topic in theSoftware Quality Lab Academy:

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        Research and analysis

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        Do you have too little workforce or time to analyze and resolve an urgent topic?

        Software Quality Lab helps you with research and analysis in this topic.

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