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NEW: E-Academy

The E-Academy offers Live Online Courses (also calles Live Online-Seminars, Live Online-Trainings) where you can improve your knowledge and visit trainings in an easy way from your office or home office. 




Software Quality Lab enhances efficiency and quality in system and software development!

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We are a leading full-service provider to all questions and issues related to software quality management throughout the Application Life Cycle. 
Professional competence, extensive practical experience and solution-oriented work is highly valued by our customers.

Software Quality Lab stands for an forward-looking and positive corporate and business culture with customers, employees and partners. For us, respectability, honest partnerships and reliability are important values and a matter of course.

In softwareprojects we are an innovator for quality and efficiency. We provide our services solution-oriented and with practical experience, taking into account the economic conditions.


Innovative and pragmatic process and method consulting and optimization


High-quality seminars and trainings for more software quality


Qualified operational support in projects and expert know-how in the test center


Evaluation, adaptation, integration and training of Application Life Cycle tools


Dem Prophet im eigenen Land hört man nicht zu!
Software Quality Days: Frühbucherfrist endet am 31.10.2020!
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Wenn schon mit Testautomatisierung, dann aber richtig Created by Franz Schiller
Dunning-Kruger-Effekt bei Agilen Methoden Created by Martin Brüggemann
Steckt Ihre Softwareentwicklung noch im Winterschlaf? Created by Martin Brüggemann
Priorisierung nach Töpfen - Klarheit & Ordnung schaffen im Backlog Created by Markus Eggenreiter
Neues von Jama - Das Review Center Created by Martin Brüggemann

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"Schneller als ich persönlich erwartet habe, wurden die speziellen Herausforderungen unserer komplexen Umgebung auf den Punkt gebracht und Entscheidungen zugeführt. Software Quality Lab ist ein verlässlicher Partner auch in anderen Angelegenheiten (zum Beispiel Entscheidungshilfen bei Tool-Evaluierung, Trainings, etc.). Die erzielten Resultate machen Software Quality Lab auch in Zukunft zur ersten Adresse für Automic."

Johann Niederer, Director Development, Automic

Subject areas

Europes leading conference on Software Quality

January 19 - 22, 2021 in Vienna

Key subject: What‘s The Next Big Thing in Software Engineering and Quality?

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