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Good architecture ensures a relaxed sleep of the developers!

A good architecture determines the stability and scalability of your systems. The use of proven patterns ensures efficiency. You should not forget to plan the architecture for non-functional requirements such as testability or modularisation and adequate documentation.

We support and coach your architects and developers in the development, further development, optimization and ongoing maintenance of the software architecture.

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Seminar Architekturzentriertes Testen
Neue Seminare für SW-Architekten

Blog posts

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  • Architecture reviews or quick checks
  • Individual workshops and coaching on architectural subjects
  • Analysis of technical debts using static code analysis and ATAM (Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method)
  • Elaboration and prioritisation of improvement measures
  • Integration of the static architecture analysis into the continuous integration process
  • Efficient documentation of the software architecture

Your benefits

  • Your software can also be maintained after many years.
  • New functions can be easily implemented - almost like a reimplementation.
  • The developers work on new features rather than on hard error analysis.
  • The developers are satisfied and productive.
  • You know if your architecture is capable of meeting future needs.


Quality starts in the head - with trainings from Software Quality Lab

We offer the following seminars and trainings on this topic in the Software Quality Lab Academy:

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        Tool Expertise
        for architecture tools

      Tool Expertise services

      Finding the right tools for creating and documenting the architecture is not easy.

      We help you with various services in the tool environment:

      • Tool evaluation by Software Quality Lab's TEC (Tool Evaluation Center)
      • Providing tools for modeling, architecture and code analysis
      • Installation and basic configuration
      • Adaptations of the tools (workflows, user interface)
      • Integrate the tools with other existing tools
      • Training the users to use the tools optimally
      • Managed services to ensure smooth operation and maintenance of the tools


      Further information in the Tool Expertise area

      „If you think good architecture is expensive, try bad architecture“

      Brian Foote and Joseph Yoder

      Research and analysis

      Are you facing unresolved issues in this area?
      Do you have too little workforce or time to analyze and resolve an urgent topic?

      Software Quality Lab helps you with research and analysis in this topic.

      More information about research and analysis

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