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Core Values and Principles

Software Quality Lab represents a progressive and positive company and business culture towards customers, employees and partners.

We live quality and convince with professional competence.

  • Our customers can expect high quality consulting .
  • We accept orders on condition that our employees have all the necessary skills and experience.
  • For our customers we consequently improve our knowledge and skills.
  • Precision and attention on details are important principles of our work performance.
  • We demand high standards of ourselves.

Motivated employees are our factor of success.

  • Our motivated team is the basis of successful project execution and satisfied customers.
  • An open communication structure forms the appropriate framework for motivation and cooperation in the long term.
  • Modern work equipment and free space are conducive to independent and flexible working.
  • Community activities strengthen the team spirit which leads¬–paired with social skills–to shared success.

Partnership and cooperation are the foundation of shared success.

  • In fair cooperation with our customers we implement their wishes and needs effectively and efficiently to their entire satisfaction.
  • Our commitment is reliable.
  • Teamwork is crucial and characterized by a fair and cooperative working climate.

Active employees conclude projects effectively and efficiently.

  • For our customer’s benefit projects are being implemented efficiently and effectively.
  • We approach the doing of projects and commit ourselves to the best possible solution.
  • In order to identify potential for improvement early we think outside the box.
  • Our employees improve their skills steadily and are actively engaged in research projects and studies. Therefore they are always methodically and technologically up to date.

We provide trust by integrity.

  • Mutual trust and a respectful contact are very important to us.
  • We keep all internal processes of our customers in confidence.
  • We only recommend our services if our customers can benefit from it.
  • Realistic service, time and cost estimates are a matter of course.

Ethical and social responsibilities are essential.

  • We respect human dignity.
  • We feel obliged to social values and principles like environmental protection, sustainable economic management and  the adherence of ethical principles.
  • For us as a company social responsibility  is implicit.


How we define services

We want to move things in a positive way!

Aside from our outstanding technical and methodical knowledge, we also consider the personal conversation and individual consulting in connection with mutual trust as the prime factors for our successful customer relationships and services. When teaming up with partners and co-workers, we consider clear ethical policies and guidelines for providing our services as very important.

We want to impart knowledge and experience!

Acquiring the knowledge of established and accepted methodologies as well as the latest trends and development in our field is a natural part of our business.We actively try to support and shape further developments of methods. Therefore we actively collaborate with relevant boards, committees and peer groups.

We want to create a real added value for our customers!

One of our main focuses is therefore the planning and conception of feasible solutions.
Through early integration of involved people and cooperative development of exact fitting measure plans and solution proposals we achieve the necessary acceptance for our solutio

Our view on business economy

We do not claim to provide quality management services to our customers only with a scientifically complete approach, but we adopt our services to the customer's actual situation.By applying our services we target an economical optimum for our customers.