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Good requirements are the foundation for a successful project!

It applies in planned projects as well as in the agile process: Professional requirements engineering ensures that requirements are determined, documented, checked, coordinated with the customer and managed appropriately.

This is the only way to create a product that meets and maybe even exceeds customer expectations.

Benefit from our years of experience in requirements engineering!

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How do we see ourselves in requirements engineering consulting:

  • Pragmatically: We are looking for the right mix between detail and agility in requirements engineering.
  • Holistic: Requirements engineering is not just writing requirements. We look "out of the box" and also consider communication, creativity, sustainability, efficiency and other factors that are important for a successful application.
  • Comprehensive: We help you with consulting, coaching, training, appropriate tools and, if necessary, operational support.


We support you in the development of an efficient and effective requirements engineering in both agile and planned procedures:

  • Implementation of a potential analysis in requirements engineering
    In interviews, we analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your requirements engineering and provide suggestions for improvement. In a workshop, we clusters these into projects and create a possible roadmap for implementation.
  • Quick overview analysis and workshop in requirements engineering
    After short interviews, we will develop goals for improvements and criteria for determining the target achievement in a workshop. Together, we define necessary measures and develop a roadmap for implementation.
  • Requirements review
    Our experts will examine your specification in terms of adequate detail, consistency and other relevant criteria. They assess the quality of the requirements by means of a defined criteria catalog and provide suggestions for the improvement of content and structure.
  • Process analysis
    It is useful to analyse the technical processes that should support a system. We help you with workshops for the ascertainment, analysis and model-based documentation of the processes from your system.
  • Creation of a specification sheet
    We support you with the ascertainment and structured documentation of the technical requirements in the specification sheet, as well as in the creation and documentation of the suggested solution to this in the specification sheet.
  • Accompanied advertisement
    We support you in the ascertainment and documentation of your requirements as a contract basis for projects with external suppliers and accompany you through the advertisement until you find a supplier that is suitable for you.
  • Individual workshops and coaching on requirements processes and methods
    We organise workshops on your topics and problems. We bring in our experience, give feedback and help you to find the best solution. Afterwards, we accompany and coach you in the implementation.

    Your benefits

    • Requirements engineering is optimised.
    • Possible applications of requirements engineering in agile procedures are defined.
    • You are coached by experienced consultants and also supported during the implementation phase.
    • You will be faster and more goal-oriented in the specification and implementation of your projects.

      Quality starts in the head - with trainings from Software Quality Lab

      We offer the following seminars and trainings on this topic in theSoftware Quality Lab Academy:

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            Tool Expertise for
            Requirements Engineering!

          Tool Expertise services

          Often inappropriate tools are selected for requirements engineering. Short term, tools such as Word, Excel, task management, or request tracking tools seem to be a tempting choice. Long term, this usually leads to the tool deadlock.

          We help you find and apply the right requirements tools with various services in the tool environment:

          • Tool evaluation by Software Quality Lab'sTEC (Tool Evaluation Center)
          • Procurementof tools for requirement
          • Installationand basic configuration
          • Adaptationsof the tools (workflows, user interface)
          • Integrate the tools with other existing tools
          • Trainingthe users to use the tools optimally
          • Managed services to ensure smooth operation and maintenance of the tools


          Further information in the Tool Expertise area

          Success stories

          We have a lot of customers. Because we often work in sensitive areas with our customers, many of them do not want to publish any project information.

          However, we have compiled some examples of successful projects with the permission of these customers.


          Have a look at the success stories

          Research and analysis

          Are you facing unresolved issues in this area?
          Do you have too little workforce or time to analyze and resolve an urgent topic?

          Software Quality Lab helps you with research and analysis in this topic.

          More information about research and analysis

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