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Comprehensive test support: Peak support - outtasking - operative coaching

The quality improvement of your products and projects is our mission. Thereby, highly qualified employees and effective processes are the key success factors.

A command of the current technologies, methods and tools as well as an understanding of the problems in engineering are particularly important in this day and age in order to achieve sustainable quality improvement and obtain high-quality, low-fault systems and software products.
The consultants at Software Quality Lab are highly trained specialists in their respective fields with extensive experience in engineering and test projects, and they are able to apply methods and techniques efficiently.

From a pool of professional quality and test experts with a profound training and project experience you can compose a support model tailored to your needs for the optimal solution for quality assurance in your engineering and software projects:

  • Deployment of qualified, professional employees for your test team
  • Deployment of a complete test team of the composition ideal for you (test manager, test analyst, test specifier, test automater, manual tester, etc.) with the required skills and experience
  • Partial or complete performance of the test activities for your organisation (outtasking in our test lab) with defined interfaces with your engineering process

The services of Software Quality Lab in this area include:

For more detailed information on some of the services in the test area, please visit:

Your benefits

  • Quality improvement and gaining know-how
    Know-how and project experience from many customer projects as well as comprehensive tool knowledge through Tool Evaluation Center.

  • Reliability and personnel flexibility
    Dynamic team sizes, no staff shortage, failure times can be easily compensated.

  • Covering special tpoics
    Experts for special topics are available, e.g. mobile, security, usability, embedded, load testing, etc.

  • Cost advantages and cost control
    Better cost-orientation on requirements, reduction of test costs through higher productivity and greater cost transparency.

  • Local flexibility
    Flexible and on-demand distribution of on-site service and work in the offices of Software Quality Lab.

  • Professionalism and state-of-the-art
    Many proven processes are available. Use of the latest techniques and methods such as model-based approach, behavioral testing, innovative testframeworks, agile requirments, and many more.

"Ich bin sehr erfreut, dass die Automatisierung der Testabläufe von Beginn an so gut voranschreitet. Aus meiner Sicht sind die schon nach kurzer Zeit erzielten Ergebnisse wirklich gut und die Zusammenarbeit ist optimal. Ich möchte mich nochmals bei den Test Consultants von Software Quality Lab für Ihre Energie und Ihren Einsatz in diesem Projekt bedanken."

Projektleiter, Siemens AG Österreich


Success Stories

Wir haben sehr viele Kunden. Da wir oft in sensiblen Bereichen bei unseren Kunden tätig sind, wollen viele Kunden keine Projektinformationen veröffentlichen.

Einige Beispiele von erfolgreichen Projekten haben wir jedoch mit Erlaubnis dieser Kunden für Sie zusammengestellt.

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