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The focus is on the employees and the team

Software Quality Lab is a service-oriented consulting company and focuses on its employees and the team at the centre of attention. Motivated and committed employees deliver top performance in their projects and constantly exceed the expectations of our customers.

Therefore, it is important for us to provide the optimal environment for productivity and professionalism.

Experience and knowledge are highly appreciated. We look forward to receiving applications from people with many years of professional experience in our subject areas, as well as applications from beginners or career changers, who will receive intensive training in the respective subject areas. We are also happy to accept applications for part-time employment in some areas.

You can look forward to an attractive offer for participation in a professional team and in a quality-oriented environment. If you are looking for an open corporate culture with free space for your own ideas, we look forward to receiving your application.

Joint activities

Joint activities e.g. after annual and office meetings, are supported by Software Quality Lab and fully payed or sponsored with a contribution.

As team building events for the SWQL team the following events were/are organized: rafting, high ropes climbing garden, mountain hike, sight-seeing excursions, boat trip, barbecue afternoon, toboggan run, snowshoe hike, ski day (alpine), etc.

Other smaller evens in the context of office meetings are e.g. miniature golf, billiard, bowling, ice skating, Segway driving, visiting art exhibitions, barbecue afternoon, mulled wine at the Christmas market, visiting a wine tavern, etc., as well as joint dinners or local visits.

Smaller successes or events (special customer orders, anniversaries, etc.) are often celebrated at the end of the working day with a glass of sparkling wine, cake or something similar.

Great company successes such as The conclusion of a very successful business year is celebrated with a larger action or an event. In this regard, a clear target for the financial year is defined in advance. If this is achieved, then the planned event will be implemented. Previously, the following major events were carried out with our employees: City trip to Riga 2010, sailing days with 3 large sailing boats in Croatia in autumn 2012.

Special occasions of the employees such as weddings or round birthdays are celebrated again and again in the community of employees.

Some athletic employees take part in various sporting events (marathon, triathlon, etc.) and are supported by Software Quality Lab.

Corporate events & meeting culture

At Software Quality Lab, regular internal meetings take place, where employees are fully informed and also have the opportunity to exchange ideas:

  • Annual meeting "Comte together - meet together" in the early summer (review / outlook / strategy of the company) and team building event
  • Annual meeting at the end of the year with a Christmas party
  • in between 4x office meetings at the respective locations with subsequent joint team activity

We are looking forward to your application

Please send your informative application papers with your name, contact address, phone number and e-mail address for queries as well as additional documents (curriculum vitae, personal profile, diploma, references,...) to

Please note, that the company language is German. Therefore the job offers are written in German and the interview will be held in German as well.

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