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Outsorcing & Outtasking

Outsourcing & Outtasking

Concentrated Test Know-How - Testing as a Service (TaaS)

Many companies are focusing more and more on their core competences and outsourcing testing and quality assurance. Software engineering is often kept in-house as the core competence.

The outsourcing or outtasking of quality assurance and testing usually complies much more clearly with the all important 4-eye principle. The test team is an external body that is entirely independent from engineering, the primary task of which is to identify and report quality defects.

The outsourcing of software engineering AND testing to one and the same organisation is not recommended. In this case the outsourcer will hardly be motivated to find the fault himself. Especially in package projects he will keep the costs before delivery as low as possible, and in the case of billing at cost the fault remediation is often invoiced as a service.

In every case the independent and neutral external test lab of Software Quality Lab can help and generate significant quality improvements.

‘Testing as a Service’ (TaaS) at the Test Lab of Software Quality Lab

In addition to providing the complete test team, the tests themselves are also performed in our appropriately equipped test lab. With this form of software testing, the customer’s human resources and other resources are hardly tied up. Cooperation with the engineering department is achieved with test processes tailored to your needs, as well as professional risk and error management.

The services in the test lab are usually provided via remote access (e.g. VPN) to the systems that are to be tested (test objects, test tools, bugtracking tools, etc.), or the test object is made available to the test lab of Software Quality Lab. If neither is possible, an individual model for access to the test environment and test objects is defined.

Your existing test strategies, concepts, tools used, etc. are taken into consideration when outsourcing to the test lab or when providing the service.

Software Quality Lab supports you methodically and with practical experience

    • Tool selection, tool introduction, tool integration (Tool Evaluation Center)
    • Test management & test controlling & test planning
    • Test specification and development of test cases
    • Performance of manual tests
    • Permanent automation of test cases
    • Implementation of automated test processes
    • Smoke test - regression tests and retests
    • Unit test - integration test - system test - acceptance test
    • Fault reporting - status reporting - performance reporting
    • Standard and business software, embedded software, hardware & systems
    • Development of individual test automations
    • Non-functional tests (load & performance tests, usability test, etc.)
    • Security and penetration tests (black box and white box)
    • Code review and secure code analyses

    The services are provided by experienced and qualified test managers and test engineers with a solid engineering experience both in classical software and in the area of embedded software and hardware.