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Test Automation & Tooling

Test Automation & Tooling

The process and the method have priority - followed by the tool

Test automation is one of the most exciting and most discussed topics in the area of quality assurance.

Which test automation technologies are the most suitable? How can test automation be integrated in the own procedure model (agile, sequential, etc.) properly? Which standard tool is the right one? Is an individual automation solution perhaps the better option after all? These and many other questions come to mind.

Many organisations allow themselves to be persuaded by the tool manufacturers’ salespeople that the offered tool can resolve all the customers challenges in this environment. Often a tool is purchased without a detailed requirements analysis and evaluation, merely on the basis of a brief presentation or internet demo. The important thing, however, is that the right methods and processes are already thought through and ideally even introduced already before the tool is introduced. Then the right tool or tool suite that supports and automates the selected procedure can be found very quickly.

Note: The most expensive or most intensely advertised tool is not always the best one. Every tool has both strengths and weaknesses. In this phase of the tool selection, the Tool Evaluation Center can help you at low cost to find a suitable tool on the market within a few days.

With the right processes, methods and tools, automation of the test runs can be implemented effectively. The less you have to invest in the maintenance of automated test cases in the future, the faster you will reach the return on investment (RoI) and generally achieve an economic benefit with the automation.

An expert with experience in numerous automation projects and a knowledge of the available tools multiplies the chances of success and the promptly measurable effects of such a project.

Software Quality Lab supports you methodically and with practical experience

  • Development of a concept for test automation
  • Tool selection, tool consulting, tool introduction, tool integration (Tool Evaluation Center)
  • Development of individual test automations
  • Project and test management for test automation
  • Implementation and realisation of the test automation
  • Continuous build & integration
  • Standard and business software, embedded software, hardware & systems
  • Test automation for agile processes - Scrum, Kanban, etc.
  • Automation of non-functional tests (load & performance tests, etc.)

The services are provided by experienced and qualified test managers and test engineers with a solid engineering experience both in classical software and in the area of embedded software and hardware.