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Benefits for employees

Benefits for employees

Advanced training / education / innovation

  • Continuing education is very important for Software Quality Lab and is actively supported.
  • Each employee receives a suitable basic training in the start-up phase if needed.

  • In addition, further training measures are agreed with each employee in the annual employee appraisal.

  • Research & innovation days (depending on the role and company affiliation between 1 to 10 days / year), which can be used independently by the employees.

  • There is an extensive specialised library with over 600 specialised books, which is available to the employees and which is constantly being expanded to include current specialist literature. 

  • If specialised literature is required by employees, this can be requested easily and procured at short notice. 

  • Various journals (e.g., Ct, iX, Computerwelt, Monitor, Output, IT&Business, ISACA Journal, ISQI Journal, QM-Magazine, Technology Review, etc.) are subscribed to and made available to employees.

  • Employees are allowed to read specialist literature during working hours to an appropriate extent.

  • An extensive intranet and knowledge portal is provided internally.

Working hours

  • Software Quality Lab has a flexible working time model with extensive time compensation options that employees can use on their own responsibility.

  • Part-time models are possible (for example for studies, dissertations, etc.).

  • Parental leave is made possible for mothers and fathers.

Work equipment & work environment

  • Software Quality Lab uses the latest technologies and software for both the IT infrastructure and workstation equipment, as well as the tools provided in the Tool Evaluation Center, and is available to employees.

  • Modern offices with adequate facilities.

  • A company laptop is standard equipment for the employees.

  • A company cell phone is provided for employees, if they are away on business a lot due to projects and there is an increased need for communication.
    After 1 year of company affiliation, each employee can get a company phone (sponsoring).

  • Internet access and Wi-Fi for all employees in each location is given.

Performance Rewards

  • Performance bonuses are possible.

  • Company car with private use is possible for long-standing employees and outstanding performance - not only for sales.

  • Possibility of overtime payment if the extra work is beyond the overtime allowance and can not be compensated in the calculation period.

Health & nutrition

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  • Drinks and coffee are provided free of charge.

  • In order to promote good health, fresh fruit and vegetables are available to employees free of charge. In addition, the participation in joint sports activities (such as triathlon) is encouraged and supported.

  • Each employee receives a subsidy for lunch in the form of food coupons per working day spent in the office.

  • Furthermore, there is a physio-ergonomic seat ball as well as occasionally standing work tables available in each location.


  • Employees who have been working at Software Quality Lab for at least 5 years will receive additional leave per year up to a total of 1 week (5 days), depending on their length of service.

  • The employees receive a jubilee gift after 5 years of company affiliation.

  • The employees receive a congratulatory gift from the company at the birth of a child.

General benefits

  • Software Quality Lab generally invests a lot of time and energy into a corporate culture and work environment that motivates and encourages employees.
    Regular participation in the GPTW (Great Place to Work) benchmark underlines this.

  • Software Quality Lab allows employees to work independently from the start.

  • Employees are provided with an environment that supports motivated and independent work and fun during joint activities but also in the office during coffee gossip.

  • The retirement benefit pension conversion is made possible by Software Quality Lab.

  • Software Quality Lab is also involved in social projects: e.g. the project Herzenswunsch of the Clara Fey Children's Village in Vienna (


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